We Buy Manuals

We buy manuals and brochures - we are always on the lookout for more, anything from a box full to a workshop full. Do you have a collection in the loft, in a box in the garage or at the back of the workshop that have not seen the light of day for a few years? Are you a parts manager with manuals surplus to requirement? Do you know of a retired machinery salesman or dealer that has brochures or manuals tucked away? Do you know of a dealership that is selling up or that has gone to the wall and is using an auction to liquidise their assets? We buy all types, brands, age and condition of operators, parts and workshop/repair manuals also various agricultural books, sales brochures and other agricultural items.

Please contact us with your information or a description of the items that you have for sale.

Email us - info@agrimanuals.com

or Phone UK 01579 363006